Summary of Dream Big Day (DBD) Testing

Phase 1 Dream Big Day (DBD) pilot testing and prototyping is complete.

1. Testing Time Frame and Demographics

  • Testing time frame | March 1, 2105 through August 7, 2015
  • Participant Ages | 6 to 10 | Grades K to 5
  • Geography | 12 Cities | 8 States
  • Organizations | 2 Universities | 2 Foundations | 2 Financial Services – Individuals | 2 Financial Services – Credit Unions | 1 Financial Educator | 3 Elementary Schools | 1 YMCA | 1 Preschool
  • Experiences | Live, Digital, Guided, Independent

2. Tests and Test Sites

T1 | Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, CA | Walnut Blogs | Author Led – Teacher Assisted Experience | Grades K-5 (School wide)

T2 | El Monte Promise Foundation, El Monte, CA | Author and Character Led Experience | Special Event / Grade 1

T3 & T4 | El Monte Promise Foundation, El Monte, CA | Author Guided Experiences Incorporating Community and Corporate Trainers | Wilkerson Elementary & Wright Elementary | Grades 2 and 3

T5 | Dream Big Day Philadelphia, PA – Bache Martin Elementary | Independent Trainer Led Experience | Grade 2

T6 | Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK  | Independent Trainer Led Training Experience | College student trainers

T7 | Weingart East Los Angeles, CA, YMCA | Summer Camp – Cradle to Success Program | Author Led, 8 session, Dream Big Day Experience and Song-Journal Program (Post experience learning) | Dream Big Day Journals | Ages 9 and 10

3. Test Feedback

Christine Heinrichs, Principal Walnut Elementary School
Walnut Dream Big Day
The impact from Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience was immediate. The focus on planning for the future fits our college and career focus but added the element of financial literacy…

Norma Edith Garcia, El Monte Promise Foundation Board President
El Monte Promise Foundation Scholars Savings Program Video Highlighting Sammy Rabbit
You have to remember what Sammy the Rabbit told us, if you have a dollar, save ten cents…

Leslie Girone, Financial Educator, Founder Money $mart 10
My Big Dream
I’ve researched countless financial education resources and…Dream Big Day is exceptional…

4. Current Dream Big Day Pilot Test Network

5. Test Findings

  1. DBD can be replicated and scaled
  2. DBD has lots of applications and growth possibilities
  3. DBD “intro” curriculum is easy to use and effective. Engages students. Teachers can implement independently (T1)
  4. DBD “intro” curriculum can be integrated across subject matters. It can be used to address “college and careers,” a core curriculum standard as well as money, reading, language, math, etc. (T1)
  5. DBD “intro” curriculum can be used and distributed in a variety of manners including at schools, live events, online, and in homes
  6. DBD “live” tour program effective. Can support Special Events and 529 College Saving Program (T2)
  7. DBD “live” tour program resonates with Sponsors and kids. It attracts media attention (T2)
  8. Adult trainers-coaches can be integrated into DBD “live” experience (program) (T3 & T4)
  9. Independent trainers can implement DBD “intro” curriculum (T5)
  10. Independent trainer can teach DBD “intro” curriculum to others including college students (T6)
  11. DBD “intro” curriculum has appeal with college students seeking service learning experience (T6)
  12. DBD “journal” curriculum effective (T7)
  13. The Dream Big Day concept and strategy has broad appeal. It has attracted a diverse set of pilot partners

6. Prototypes | Dream Big Day Experience Curriculum

7. Next Steps

  • Touring
  • TV Special and/or Series
  • Scale Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience, Partner Network and Song-Journal Program
  • Launch Sammy’s Dream Big Club, App, Sing-Along Video, App, Licensing of Select Merchandise
  • Workshops: Train the Trainer, High School-College, Parents
  • Development of Smart Spending-Coupon Program
  • Continue to improve and innovate programs, products, strategies