Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience! What’s Your Big Dream?

What is Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience?
It's a multi-purpose, interactive financial education and goal setting experience for kids ages 5 and up. It includes reading, discussion, activities, music and more, all focused on an important question:

What is your big dream?

The experience can be led by anyone, anywhere! It is adaptable. Create the experience to match your priorities. The time of the experience may vary from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. It will depend on the number of participants and how many steps you choose to include. Create a two-step reading and discussion experience; create a four step experience that includes an activity and song; or create a longer experience that includes more activities and a craft.

The experience comes in two forms: (1) live (2) digital. The experiences can be used independently or together.

It's purposeful fun that is effective and easy to execute!

It's financial education | literacy and early age empowerment programming at its best! See Menu of Steps below!

What is the Purpose of Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience?
The purpose of Sammy's Dream Big Day Experience is fourfold:

(1) Inspire and empower kids to dream big and set goals to build their confidence and esteem
(2) Teach kids great money (and reading) habits early, so they become self-reliant
(3) Ignite discussion on the importance of college, careers, college saving and being a life-long learner
(4) Make it easy and fun for anyone, anywhere to lead the experience, educate and empower children-families, including parents, teachers, trainers, caretakers, teens, and college students!

What are the Features?

  • FREE online special edition of Sammy's Big Dream storybook
  • Easy to use and understand curriculum with option to single, double or triple Co-Brand
  • Multi use curriculum: financial education, reading, language, college, careers, music, arts & crafts
  • Social media promotion
  • Optional “cause marketing” offer

What are the Payoffs?

  • Low cost customer-prospect benefit
  • Receive ready-made co-branded DBD Templates & "right" to unlimited copies-use for 1 year
  • Impact: children, families, schools, community
  • Brand-Image enrichment
  • Audience engagement and expansion
  • Competitive distinction
  • Cause marketing and growth options

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Sammy's Dream Big Day Experience!


Educational Fun | Easy to Execute | Empowering


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Why Sammy Dream Big Day Experiences Are Vital to Children-Families and Their Future?
Sammy Dream Big Day Experiences are vital for the following reasons and more:

(1) Adult money habits form by age 7 – see University of Cambridge researchdb-walnut-bp-spacex-angel1a-featured
(2) The dangerous state of Americans’ savings – see NY Times
(3) 30 million word gap between children in low and high income homes
– see University of Rice research
(4) Messages are relentlessly poured into kids heads that are toxic to their dreams-futures
--- see New York Times
(5) Music enhances learning – see John Hopkins University research
(6) Children begin learning in the womb – see Penn State University research
(7) Reading aloud to children is important from infancy through high school
– see NAEYC report
(8) Teaching kids to dream big builds their confidence
--- see Maynard Webb, Chairman Yahoo, Founder Webb Family Foundation, Wall St. Journal
(9) Dreams are the fuel of kids futures
--- see Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Entertainment, Owner Warriors, Dodgers, etc. 

Sammy's Dream Big Day Experience | Menu of Steps
Sammy's Dream Big Day Experience comes in two different forms - live and digital. They can be used independently or together.

THE "LIVE" Experience
The "live" experience consists of storytelling, a discussion, and completing a dream big statement and goal sheet. AND, at the option of the Dream Big Day Leader, it may include much more, like songs, arts, crafts, videos, blogging, and ongoing learning via Sammy's Dream Big Resource Center. Use Sammy's Big Dream Storybook Templates (DBD Pilot Kit #2) to construct and guide your experience. See Steps and learn more below.

ab-money101-6-lesliereading(1) READ ALOUD | STORY TELLING
** Sammy’s Big Dream Storybook

** Story review and discussion
** Dream Big Reader-Leader shares their big dream(s)
** Ask kids to share one of their big dream(s)
** Ask kids if graduating from college or trade school is one of their big dreams
** Discuss connection between practicing great money habits and making big dreams come true


** Kids
--- Set goals for saving and reading
--- Listen to and/or sing music from Sammy's Dream Big Song Collection

(4) REVIEW SAMMY'S 12 STEPS for MAKING BIG DREAMS COME TRUE db-walnut-bp-student-3-Listening-BookPledgeStatement-++++


** Have kids complete
--- Activity Templates
--- Do crafts
--- Listen to and/or sing music from Sammy's Dream Big Song Collection

** Sing or listen to the song Get in the Habit or one of the other songs in Sammy's Dream Big Song Collection.


** Invite kids to keep learning with FREE activities in Sammy's Dream Big Resource Center

The "DIGITAL" Experience
The "digital" experience consists of:
--- Making digital and/or print resources available to your community-network. See Example: Oklahoma State
--- Providing access to resources in Sammy's Dream Big Resource Center
These resources give families, schools, and youth organizations the opportunity to have their own independent Dream Big Experience wherever and whenever they like, whether it is at home, school, a car or community event!