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“It’s a Habit” is proud to announce  Omni Entertainment Inc.  is bringing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience to its online community.

“We fully support Sammy Rabbit’s mission to teach children to dream big and establish the great  money habits needed to make those big dreams come true,” said Steve Pina, Omni Entertainment CEO and Founder. “Learning to manage your money early is critical for all children. However, it may be even more important to those children who plan on pursuing careers in entertainment where earnings and income fluctuate. Additionally, we love Sammy’s story and song driven strategy to communicate these concepts. They bring a dull subject to life. The song Get in the Habit is an excellent example. It makes learning fun by delivering a perfect combination of education and entertainment in a manner that is easy for everyone to remember and act on.”

You can connect with and/or discover more about Omni Entertainment at its Website or via email [email protected]

The Dream Big Day Experience (Digital)

Omni Entertainment Inc. and Sammy Rabbit invite you to use the resources below to START teaching kids to dream big AND establish great money habits!

Dream Big Day Experience | Review Instructions & Activity Templates

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Step & Module #1 – Dream Big | Listen & Watch Song & Video – Big ‘Ol Dream

Step & Module # 1 – Dream Big | Do Activities

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