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…a source & force of knowledge & joy for kids, families, communities, stakeholders!

A powerful Sammy attribute – P.E.R.R. | Predictable Effectiveness Repeatedly that can be Replicated by Anyone!


El Monte Promise Foundation 529 Scholars Save for College Launch

“You have got to remember what Sammy the Rabbit told us. Every time you get a dollar, you are going to save ten cents! And  you know why? Because you are going to put it into a piggy than put it into a college savings account!” Norma Edith Garcia, Executive Director, El Monte Promise Foundation


“It’s not how much money you save. It’s that every day you put that dollar or fifty cents you save in that little jar that eventually gets deposited, is an affirmation… Jeff Seymour, Board Member, El Monte Promise Foundation

Armed Forces Network
Air Force Aid Society – Sollars Elementary School, Japan | Worldwide D.O.D. Financial Readiness Challenge Tour Features Sammy Rabbit

“Sam has spent the last decade reaching out to large groups of young children promoting the habit of learning to save. The message resonates with young people who learn that “Out of every dollar, save a dime” is more than a catchy slogan. It’s the start of a habit that sets the stage for a lifetime of financial stability. Please check out the Dream Big Day website to see how Sam’s initiatives impact the universe of young children, particularly military families currently the focus of Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden’s efforts to recognize and support military members and their families… Thank you!” … Jim Delaney, Retired Air Force Colonel and COO, Air Force Aid Society


University of Maryland Research Project Independently Proves Sammy’s Effective
Parents and Teachers as Wealth Coaches  (see pages 9 and 10) | Educator Teams Up to Teach Finance to Young Children


“Kindergartners aren’t too young to start saving. Even with them being 5 they really get it. They understand saving is a habit – putting it away for another day to reach a goal. I think because of Sammy Rabbit it clicks.” Maryland Kindergartner Teacher, Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, Spring 2010

WBOC 16, Maryland | Learning Matters

Philadelphia Financial Educator Proves Dream Big Day Experience can be Replicated by Anyone!
Philadelphia – Money$mart 101 Dream Big Day Reports | Leslie Girone – My Big Dream


“I’ve researched countless financial education resources and the It’s a Habit Company (founded by Sam X Renick, creator of Sammy Rabbit and Dream Big Day Experience) is the most exceptional. All content is extremely engaging, fun, and purposeful. Dream Big Day is easy to execute anywhere, by anyone with an interest in teaching children good money and reading habits. I can say from experience it’s very rewarding for both the students and educator. The instructions and activities are straightforward and are simple to adjust or customize to best fit any group of young children.” Leslie Girone, Financial Educator, Money$mart 101

California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) Teaches Students to Dream Big!
Alana Golden, CA DBO, Director of Education and Oversight: Classroom Presentations – Teach Children to Save Week


Oklahoma State University Student Train to Replicate Dream Big Day Experience in Oklahoma
Centsable Cowboys – Financial Literacy Volunteerism


Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, CA Dreams Big 
Walnut Dream Big Day Experience | One Girl’s Big Dream | Walnut Elementary Blogs


“The impact from Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience was immediate. The focus on planning for the future fits our college and career focus but added the element of financial literacy. Students confidence in talking and thinking about their big dreams was evident in their DREAM BIG displays. Several parents reported children continued the conversation at home.”  -Christine Heinrichs, Principal, Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, CA


Teen Sammy Rabbit Reading and Financial Fitness Project Earns National Gold Medal
Investment News: Teens pull rabbit out of a hat


Wisconsin Big Read Features It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit Earns Recognition from Chicago Federal Reserve Board
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

Kiplinger | Janet Bodnar
Saving with Sammy Rabbit

“Talk about a hard sell. Trying to persuade a group of 7-year-old children that saving money is fun ranks right up there with trying to make them believe that peas are a dessert food. Anyone who’s ever had that problem should invite Sam Renick for dinner. Renick can whip a gym full of elementary-school kids into a frenzy of enthusiasm for saving money minutes after bounding into the room.” Janet Bodnar, Kiplinger, Editor

Gerri Detweiler
Time | ABC News | | – See Gerri Detweiler

“…this as one of the great financial education programs for kids. (My) five-year-old loves this site and the related books and CDs. The It’s A Habit Company, whose tagline is “Changing children’s lives one dime at a time,” teaches financial literacy and other life skills and habits to children in an entertaining way. After listening to Sammy, the rabbit with great habits, (my) daughter adopted a totally different attitude about money and became more of a saver, practically overnight.”  Gerri Detweiler, Director of Consumer Education

Arkansas Democrat Gazette | Eric Harrison
Savvy Sammy

Kansas Cit Star | Steve Rosen
Savings accounts may be on the way back

Marketplace Money, NPR | Tess Vigeland
A habit of learning about money

Boston Globe | Humberto Cruz
Planning ahead can help keep holiday spending out of the red

Awards Direct to Team Sammy
2010 – Institute for Financial Literacy, Education Program of the Year
2009 – LMU Entrepreneurs Wall of Honor
2008 – Institute for Financial Literacy, Book of the Year – It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!
2007 – California Jump$tart Coalition, 2007 (Fall), Leader in Personal Financial Literacy
2004 – Richard Myles Johnson Foundation, 2004 Beacon Award Finalist, Best Practices in Financial Education
2001 – City of Los Angeles, It’s a Habit Savings Day

Awards Other Organizations Have Received Featuring Sammy Products
2012 – CUNA 2012 Diamond Award: Alliant CU, It’s a Habit
2009 – University of Maryland, NEAFCS Dean Don Felker Award
2008 – Texas FCCLA, Teens Gain Gold
2008 – Desjardins, VA, Dupont Community CU
2007 – Desjardins, VA, Northwest FCU

“Love Sam X Renick (Dream Big Day creator) and all he does to provide an amazing option for financial education for youth.” Richard Cooper, CEO, Mendo Lake  Credit Union