The Dream Big Day Experience (Digital)


Money $mart 101 and Sammy Rabbit invite parents, teachers, schools and youth organizations in Philadelphia to use FREE resources below to teach kids to DREAM BIG!  And, in the process let’s teach kids great money and reading habits that will help them make their big dreams come true!

“The kids were engaged and I had fun too!”
Leslie Girone, Financial Educator, Dream Big Day Philadelphia at Bache Martin Elementary School

Leslie Girone in Action: Dream Big Day Philadelphia


For a “live” Dream Big Day Experience led by Leslie Girone, contact Leslie directly at: [email protected] | 215-236-1415

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Philadelphia Money Smart 101 Dream Big Day Experience
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Dream Big Day Experience | Review Instructions & Activity Templates

Read Storybook | Sammy’s Big Dream

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Step & Module #1 – Dream Big | Listen & Watch Song & Video – Big ‘Ol Dream

Step & Module # 1 – Dream Big | Do Activities

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