The Dream Big Day Experience (Digital)

The Learning Cove Preschool and Sammy Rabbit invite kids, parents, and families in Palm City to DREAM BIG! FREE Dream Big Day Resources below.

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The Learning Cove Preschool to Bring Dream Big Day to Palm City, FL
Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps to Make Big Dreams Come True
7 Easy Steps to Teach Kids to Dream Big
4 Great Money Habits Parents Should Teach Children Immediately
3 Tips that Will Immediately Improve Your Kids Financial Literacy
The Compound Interest Clock – The One Money Lesson Every Kid Should Learn


Dream Big Day Experience | Review Instructions & Activity Templates

Read Storybook | Sammy’s Big Dream

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Step & Module #1 – Dream Big | Listen & Watch Song & Video – Big ‘Ol Dream

Step & Module # 1 – Dream Big | Do Activities

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