Who We Are

A rabbit with great money habits and big dreams. He loves to read, sing and dance!

The “It’s a Habit!” Company, Inc. (“It’s a Habit!”)
Creators of Sammy Rabbit | Develop products and programs that make it easy to talk to kids early and purposefully about money and big dreams

Sam X Renick (a.k.a. Sam. Sam the great habit and money man”)
“It’s a Habit” founder, financial education innovator, champion of great money and reading habits

“It’s an Habit!” and the Dream Big Team
The “It’s a Habit” and Dream Big Team are a group of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds!
Our mantra: We dream! We do! We inspire! We change lives one habit, mind, and dime at a time!

The enterprise and team were officially formed in 2001 staring into the face of a global tragedy by its core group of founders who were led by Sam X Renick. The group included: Alonso Silva Jr., Carlos Rodriguez, Juan Alvarado, Basilia Renick, Monique Renick, Greg Renick, Victor Gonzalez, Yvette Raymond, Joneen Linebaugh, and Eddie Chan.

The enterprise’s vision and purpose are to empower children and families globally for generations by educating kids early in an entertaining and interactive manner on strategic habits and life skills, starting with great money and reading habits.

Since its inception, “It’s a Habit” and its main storybook character, Sammy Rabbit have read to and educated more than a quarter of a million children in 8 countries and over 35 states. This has largely been possible thanks to the incredible support of numerous forward thinking organizations like the Air Force Aid Society, the United States Department of Defense, the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension, the Girl Scouts,the FCCLA, California Department of Business Oversight, Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, credit unions, banks, and many others.