“It’s a Habit” is proud to announce Pasadena Federal Credit Union (PFCU) is bringing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience to its members and to the city of Pasadena, CA, home of the world famous Rose Bowl.

“Teaching kids to establish great money habits is a part of our core mission at Pasadena Federal Credit Union,” said John Schaefer, Marketing Director. “We fully support Sammy Rabbit and the strategy of educating kids to dream big and aim high at an early age. It builds their esteem and gives them an exciting reason to get in the habit of saving just as Sammy recommends in his stories and songs.”

PFCU, “It’s a Habit” and Sammy Rabbit share a strong commitment to youth financial education, financial literacy, and financial capability. We all believe in the power of saving, investing, and compound interest to help make big dreams come true.

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The Dream Big Day Experience (Digital)

Pasadena Federal Credit Union and Sammy Rabbit invite you to use the resources below to START teaching kids to dream big AND establish great money habits!

Dream Big Day Experience | Review Instructions & Activity Templates

Read Storybook | Sammy’s Big Dream

Keep Learning

Step & Module #1 – Dream Big | Listen & Watch Song & Video – Big ‘Ol Dream

Step & Module # 1 – Dream Big | Do Activities

Pasadena Federal Credit Union and the Flat Tire!


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