5 Big Myths About Saving Money


Is Digit founder Ethan Bloch right, are these the 5 big myths about saving money?

  1. It is important to get a job and start saving for retirement the minute you are out of college
  2. Getting a credit card right out of school is dangerous
  3. The American Dream involves buying a house
  4. Once you graduate, immediately try to build up a cash emergency fund
  5. Investing is difficult and stocks are sexy

What are your thoughts? What points do you agree and disagree with?

Sammy agrees with Ethan on this point:  Invest time, figuring out what you want! 

That is one reason we believe it is super critical to begin teaching children to dream big and aim high early while simultaneously teaching them great money habits that will empower kids to make their big dreams come true.

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The MISSION: PLACE 100,000 Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits in elementary school classrooms by 2020!


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The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Money, According to a Millennial!

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