Sean John Macy’s Dream Big Campaign

Congratulations and gratitude to Sean John (Sean Combs) and Macy’s on their fall-holiday Dream Big Campaign!  It looks like a winning strategy. And, it is a strategy that will bring much greater awareness to the importance of dreaming and doing big. That is critical to Sammy Rabbit who also believes in the importance of dreaming big. Why? Because Sean John and Macy’s substantive investment in the Dream Big philosophy may expand the market for others like ourselves, Maynard Webb, Peter Guber, Ginny Gilder, Will.I.AM, etc., who also believe the concept should be adopted by children and adults.

There are several components to the Sean John strategy for entrepreneurs to admire and possibly emulate. Sean John:

  1. And partners are investing heavily in the campaign
  2. Has assembled an all star team to promote the campaign. The team includes:
    • the children of basketball stars Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony
    • actor, musician, star of the Fox hit television show Empire, Jussie Smollett
    • and Sean Combs own son and actor, Quincy Brown
  3. Teamed with Macy’s to distribute the product line nationally
  4. Is advertising the image oriented campaign on outdoor billboards, in Macy stores, and through social media.

You can learn more about how champions of the Dream Big philosophy are executing their campaigns below.

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  8. University of Phoenix and National Retail Foundation | Dream Big Scholarship

Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True!

Step 1: Dream Big

Step 2: Set Goals

Step 3: Have a Written Plan

Step 4: Make Your Choices Count

Step 5: S-A-V-E

Step 6: Always Be Learning

Step 7: Take Small Steps Regularly

Step 8: Measure Your Progress

Step 9: Adjust When Necessary

Step 1o: Give Your All Enthusiastically

Step 11: Don’t Quit

Step 12: Remember – You Can Do It!