Denver Teen Entrepreneur Announces Collaboration with Dream Big Campaign


Svetlana Mikhaylova announced today she will collaborate with Sammy Rabbit to bring the Dream Big Campaign and financial literacy kits to schools and families in Denver, Colorado.

“I am excited to collaborate with Sammy Rabbit and take a leadership role in addressing the global crisis and need for early age financial literacy through the Dream Big Campaign,” said Denver, teen entrepreneur Svetlana Mikhaylova. “One reason I chose to become an entrepreneur is to work on problems and find solutions to them that help make the world better for everyone. Challenges related to children and education appeal to me. Sammy Rabbit and his Dream Big Campaign are a wonderful fit for my values.”

The campaign’s mission is to place Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits in 100,000 kindergarten through third grade classrooms by 2020. The purpose of providing classrooms resources is to begin education and conversations early on big dreams and great money habits. A 2013 University of Cambridge study revealed adult money habits are set much early than most realize, by age seven.

Each Dream Big Financial Literacy kit includes a storybook, music CD, instruction guide, reproducible activities, plus a one year membership for the entire class in the Dream Big Club. The Club’s is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2016.

“Everyone is invited to join us empowering young lives, imparting knowledge and joy,” said Sam X Renick, co-creator of Sammy Rabbit. “Teen entrepreneurs, college students, financial service professionals, banks, credit unions, foundations, community agencies, etc., are all welcome to inspire big dreams. The more diverse the network of champions, the better. Together, we can make certain children receive the right money messages when they need them the most to have bright futures and live out their dreams.”

The cost to sponsor one classroom with a Dream Big Financial Literacy Kit is $10 plus shipping and handling.

ADVANCE ORDER Dream Big Financial Literacy Kit(s) or learn more about the Dream Big Campaign via  Svetlana’s Dream Big web page!

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