4 Interesting Quotes on Financial Capability this Week from Around the World


  1. “The impact of low financial capability can be wide-ranging and irreversibly detrimental to peoples’ financial well-being throughout their lives…” | Phil Loney, Chief Executive of Royal London | FT Adviser
  2. By not weighing job placement rates, comparing average starting salaries versus financial capability and student aid options, and determining “if the math works out,” millennials can quickly find themselves “falling deeper into student loan debt…” | TIAA-CREF reports | International Business Times – Is Grad School Worth It
  3. Changing behavior and building real financial capability requires first and foremost a deep understanding of consumers’ preferences and habits. | Arjuna Costa | Forbes – Why the Financial Industry is Getting Nicer
  4. In addition to low rates of job acceptance after giving birth, many children are wait-listed just to get into a kindergarten, which is such a burden for working mothers. The problem escalates if you are a single mother, as financial capability decreases in spite of additional responsibilities. | Opinion | Japan Times – More Must be Done to Balance Women’s Lives

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