Cure for Financial Illiteracy


Recently, Sam X Renick was recognized by the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE) for his exemplary work in financial literacy. The NJCFE presented Sam the Muriel Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award. In his remarks Sam shared we know the CURE for financial illiteracy. Below are his remarks. What do you think the CURE for financial illiteracy is?

The CURE for Financial Illiteracy! Sam X Renick

There is a cure for financial illiteracy. It can be expressed in one word. That word is effort. And effort comes in the form of classes, conversations, calculations, presentations, activities, experiences, repetition, and persuasively sharing with kids that saving money is more important to their dreams and futures than buying flaming hot Cheetos. There are no silver bullets. There is only effort. And, that effort must start early!

Did You Know…

  • Did you know, adult money habits and attitudes form prior to age 7? See Cambridge study
  • Did you know, most of the youth financial education programs that exist, target children in high school? That is anywhere from six to ten years after their financial habits are formed.
  • Did you know, that the primary influence for kids when it comes to money are their parents and that many parents failed a 3 question financial literacy test! See Wall Street Journal (WSJ) | Dr. Annamaria Lusardi and Dr. Olivia S. Mitchell

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Sam X Renick’s Keynote Talk NJCFE Financial Literacy Symposium


Organizations Supporting Cure | Updated 11/18/15

The Dream Big Club Campaign Network

PHASE 2 | Execute Campaign: (1) Place Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits in Classrooms (2) Build Club 

  1. WealthCare Connect, Ray Shreder, Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Svetlana Mikhaylova, Teen Entrepreneur, Denver, Colorado
  3. Divvy Investments, Nick Bradfield, Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  4. Mindset Matters Consulting & Education, Lorene Collier Purcy,  Fort Worth, Texas

PHASE 1 | Dream Big Day Experience | Objective: Test Dream Big Day Experience, Develop Prototypes

  1. Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, California
  2. El Monte Promise Foundation, El Monte, California
  3. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  4. Money $mart 101, Leslie Girone, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Mendo Lake Credit Union, Mendo Lake, California
  6. Financial Families, Tim Hamilton, Pickerington, Ohio
  7. The Learning Cove Preschool, Palm City, Florida
  8. Riskin Advisory LLC, Ross Riskin, CPA, Orange, Connecticut
  9. Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, Los Angeles, California 
  10. Stockton University Center for Economic & Financial Literacy, Galloway, New Jersey
  11. Merriman Financial Education Foundation, Seattle, Washington 
  12. Pasadena Federal Credit Union, Pasadena, California
  13. Your Mark on the World, Devin Thorpe, Salt Lake City, Utah
  14. Omni Entertainment, Steve Pina, Hollywood, California