Crispy Crust Treats Kids to Pizza, Books, and Sammy Rabbit Hugs for Halloween


Crispy Crust Pizza made Atwater Village’s 12th annual “Trick-Or-Treat on the BOOlevard,” extra special for kids and families by hosting children storybook character Sammy Rabbit. Children visiting the local family owned and operated business on Friday, October 23rd, not only received a slice of Crispy Crust’s delicious pizza, but a Sammy Rabbit storybook and Dream Big collector card. Many of the families also took full advantage of the opportunity to take pictures and share hugs with the lovable Sammy!


“Our mantra is, we are different and different is good,” said Arthur Melkonyan, Crispy Crust, General Manager. “My father, who founded the business, believes strongly in children, community, and education. Participating in events like “Trick-Or-Treat on the BOOlevard is an important and tangible way we can express our gratitude to customers and the community.”

Through the pizza company’s generous sponsorship of Sammy Rabbit storybooks and Dream Big collector cards, children received strategic resources and a timely life lesson, saving money is a great habit! Sammy and author, Sam X Renick, reminded kids and parents in attendance, that saving is a habit that helps prepare us for both emergencies and to make big dreams come true, like going to college or owning your own business!

“We are proud to work with Crispy Crust,” said Sam X Renick, “It’s a Habit” Company founder and co-creator of Sammy Rabbit. “Financial illiteracy devastates kids’ dreams and futures. As small business owners, the Melkonyan family and Crispy Crust have a unique appreciation and understanding for the challenge. Not only are their generosity and leadership noteworthy, but so is their innovative approach in taking advantage of Halloween to promote education in addition to family fun. As a micro enterprise with an education and empowerment mission, it is important to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share similar values to take advantage of every teachable moment, including Halloween. It is something we all need to be more keenly aware of, education does and can happen anywhere.”

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