We are delighted Time Money and Yahoo Finance quickly picked up and chose to publish Credit.com’s article:

7 Really Bad Money Habits You May Be Teaching Your Kids.

The article features Dream Big Day thinking, our website and partners Leslie Girone, founder, Money 101 and Tim Hamilton, CFP, founder, First Financial Families.

“We want them (kids) to understand money is one of the tools you use to make dreams come true!”
-Sam X Renick, Entrepreneur, Founder “It’s a Habit!”

On a personal note, I am so happy the article included one of my father’s favorite sayings and pieces of advice:

“…you can have anything you want, as long as you are willing to work for it…!”
-Max Renick, Great Dad!

Although both my parents have passed, I believe if they were here today, my father would be nodding and winking and my mother would be smiling ear to ear (both trademarks of theirs)!

We would love to get your thoughtswhat bad money habits are you teaching kids, perhaps accidentally? 

We also invite you to join Leslie, Tim, Oklahoma State University, Stockton University, El Monte Promise Foundation, Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, and others bringing the Dream Big Day Experience to your network and communities.

The purpose of Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience is fourfold:

(1) Inspire and empower kids to dream big and set goals to build their confidence and esteem
(2) Teach kids great money habits and reading habits early so they become self reliant
(3) Ignite discussion on the importance of college, careers, college saving and being a life-long learner
(4) Make it easy and fun for anyone, anywhere to lead the experience, educate and empower children-families, including parents, teachers, trainers, caretakers, teens, and college students!

Inspire Kids Big Dreams in Your Community!
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1. Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, CA | Walnut Dream Big Day Blogs / School Web Home Page
2. El Monte Promise Foundation, El Monte, CA | Scholars Save for College Launch Garners White House Attention
3. Oklahoma State University Service Learning Volunteer Center, Stillwater, OK | Centsable Cowboys – Financial Literacy Volunteerism
4. Money Smart 101 (Non Profit), Philadelphia, PA | DBD Comes to Philly
5. Mendo Lake Credit Union, Mendo Lake, CA | Mendo Lake CU Pilots DBD
6. Stockton University Center for Economic & Financial Literacy, Galloway, NJ
7. Financial Families, Tim Hamilton, CFP, Pickerington, OH | Financial Families Pilots DBD
8. Ross Riskin, CPA, Orange, CT | Riskin Advisory Brings DBD to Connecticut
9. The Learning Cove Preschool, Palm City, FL | DBD Comes to Palm City, FL
10. Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, East Los Angeles, CA | Dream Big Dance Finance Program Comes to YMCA Summer Camp

Here are three super song videos to parents, teachers, trainers and financial educators can use to teach children and students great money and leadership habits!

1. Show Your Family the Way! (Lead by example)

2. Get in the Habit!

3. S-A-V-E