“It’s a Habit” is pleased to announce Mendo Lake Credit Union (MLCU) is bringing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day experience to its credit union members and the children of Lake and Mendocino counties in California!

“We love helping and teaching kids to build great money and reading habits,” said Richard Cooper, MLCU President and CEO. “Providing education to members and the communities  we serve is central to our mission.  Our vision is to empower both individual and community economic prosperity to assist in making Lake and Mendocino counties great places to live and work for generations. That starts with kids.”


Mendo Lake Credit Union Marketing Director, Jamey Gill echoed those thoughts, “We are focused on and committed to reinvesting in the our community. We use a variety of strategies to do that and providing financial education is one of the most important. We have programs for every age, including young children. We recognize education is a process and needs to start early. It is a wonderful time to talk to kids, parents and children about their dreams, especially attending college. Sammy Rabbit songs and stories make it easy for anyone to have that conversation.”

If you visit Mendo Lake Credit Union’s Money Wise page you will find the following programs and services to help kids of all ages “get in the habit” of saving early!

1. Young Savers. This is for children under the age of 8

2. Beginning Financial Independence. This targets kids ages 9 to 17

3. Establishing a Solid Financial Foundation. This is for young adults ages 18 to 29

4. Maintaining a Solid Financial Foundation. Ages 30+

5. Nest Eggers and Beyond. Tips for retired people or those looking to retire.

6. Banzai. A financial literacy program middle and high school teachers can use with students

You can discover more about Mendo Lake Credit Union, its services, benefits, and financial education programs on its website, www.mlcu.org and Facebook pages

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