Google, Supaman, and youth entrepreneur Hendy Setiono are encouraging students to dream big! Below, read key take aways from articles chronicling their efforts!

(1) Farmington, MO.: ‘Genius Hour’ asks students to Dream Big!
— 5/28/15 * Craig Vaughn, DailyJournalOnline

Key Take Aways:

  • Inspired by Google’s “Genius Hour,’ Lincoln Intermediate School, Farmington, MO., is investing time in helping students find and follow their dreams while they are still young
  • “Hearing the students discuss what they were passionate about I quickly went from ‘How can I do this?’ to ‘How can I not do this’,” said school librarian, Faith Gann. 

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(2) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dream Big, Youths Told
— 5/29/15 * Razak Ahmad, The Star Online

Key Take Aways:

  • Start small, but dream big advice from Asean’s top kebab seller to youth entrepreneurs, Hendy Setiono
  • Hendy started as a boy with big dreams who grew his business from humble beginnings, driven by a commitment to work hard and learn

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(3) Ronan, MT: Supaman challenges youth to dream big
— 5/28/15 * Leilani Upham, Char-Koosta News

Key Take Aways:

  • You can do anything you put  your minds to, was the message to hundreds of middle school students at Ronan Middle School at the “Supaman” assembly.   
  • Anything is possible and dreams can be achieved with faith and work…you just have to decide, shared Supaman. 

About Supaman:

  • Supaman, aka, Christian Parrish, us a member of the “Apsaalooke Nation”, who makes his home on the Crow reservation in Montana. Supaman is a Native American dancer and hip hop artist who has dedicated his life to empowering youth and educating listeners with a message of hope through culture and music
  • MTV picked up Supaman’s “Prayer Loop Song” on a blog which led him to making the list of performers on the MTV Rebel Music: Native American extravaganza.
  • Supaman was the first Native American to perform at Google
  • Learn more about Supaman’s positive messages and mission on his Facebook page


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