Here is who is talking about 529 college savings plans and some of their key points!

1. Deseret News: National College 529 Savings Day

Take Aways:
*Friday, 5/29/15, is national college 529 Savings Day!
*Research by the U.S. Census Bureau shows college graduates earn an average of $1 million more in their lifetimes than high school graduates.
*Utah Education Savings Plan (UESP) will provide a $25 match to people who open their first UESP account and contribute at least $25 to it.

2. Liz Weston, Reuters: Top-rated 529 college savings plans probably are not for you

Take Aways:
* Most Americans are not allowed to invest in two of the best performing 529 college savings plans, according to recent performance rankings
*Consumers still have lots of great choices to select from to do their college saving
*Comparing state college savings plans is difficult because options vary widely among plans, according to Joseph Hurley, founder, SavingForCollege.com

3. Paul Curly, Strategic Insight, 529 Dash: 529 Day – Required reading for your 529 education

Take Aways:
* Federal and state tax income tax incentives continue to improve for 529 college savings plans
*Student loan debt will be a core topic of the next presidential election according to the Wall Street Journal

4. Leo Acheson, Morningstar.com: Do tax benefits outweigh higher costs of 529 college savings plans?

Take Away:
* New study finds 529′ plans federal tax benefits make them a better choice overall for college savers

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The impact from Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience was immediate. The focus on planning for the future fits our college and career focus but added the element of financial literacy. – Principal, Christine Heinrichs

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