Robin Roberts of Good Morning America(GMA) told Emerson College graduates in her commencement address to dream big and take small steps. Below, read key take aways and stories about Robin and others who have recently been championing dreaming big and/or inspiring big dreams!

(1)  The Brooklyn Reader: Brooklyn Tech grad wins a place @Harvard’s Business School’s Innovation Lab
— 5/19/15 * Mutale Nkonde, STEM Nation

Key Take Aways:

  • (Julia Salas) My parents always stressed the importance of education, and told me to have big dreams, and I took that message to heart
  • I loved reading and would spend days at our local public library, immersed in books about the world beyond my neighborhood
  • I knew I wanted to go to college

(2) Broadcaster Robin Roberts tells Emerson grads to take small steps
— 5/18/15 * Jon Mael, Boston Globe

Key Take Aways:

  • Work hard, dream big, but don’t forget the seemingly small steps that can make all the difference!
  • We are all just a little stronger than we think we are

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(3) Lilydale landslide victim’s parents build school he dreamed of
— 5/20/15 * CBS Minnesota

Key Take Aways:

  • Even though he died at the young age of 10, his dream of building a school in West Africa is coming true
  • I found a book that he wrote, that when he grew up what he wanted to do in Africa is build soccer fields for schools to play in…That was Mohamed’s dream (Mohamed Fofana’s mother)
  • Help make Mohamed’s dream come true, visit his Barnraisings website.

(4) Jasper native ‘dreams big’ to be top collegiate journalist
— 4/29/15 * Gennelle B. Williams,

Key Take Aways:

  • I believe in her and it’s her destiny to achieve great things (Princess Williams mother)
  • I would get my summer reading list and I’d be so excited to go to the library
  • …Don’t let the fact that you’re from a small town deter you from your big dreams. Where you come from in life doesn’t determine where you will go in life. Don’t settle and dream big


(5) County early college graduates ready to take on an uncertain world
— 5/22/15 * Hugh Fisher, Salisbury Post Rowan

Key Take Aways:

  • Many of them have big dreams…I’m going to move out on my own and be a grown up. I’m ready (Jacob Garland)

(6) 10 reasons millennials need to own stocks
— 5/20/15 * Kiplinger

Key Take Aways:

  • You’re young, adventurous and have big dreams…Time is the stock investor’s greatest ally
  • The sooner you start saving…the less you will have to save, thanks to the magic of compounding, says Maria Bruno, Vanguard*
  • A silent thief stalks your savings…inflation

*Reference lyrics, song and video: Anyone Can Be Rich

What is your big dream? What small step or steps are you taking today to make your big dream come?

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