Angel has a big dream. And he has already chosen to start working hard to make his big dream come true.  Angel is cool!

On March 3, 2015, Dream Big Day was held at Angel’s school, Walnut Elementary in Baldwin Park, CA. Angel and his fellow scholars at Walnut Elementary Eagles had the opportunity to listen to the story Sammy’s Big Dream and answer the question, what is your big dream.

In the storybook Sammy’s Big Dream, written by Sam X Renick and illustrated by Juan Alvarado, Sammy’s big dream is to ride the world’s first outer space roller coaster. Angel’s big dream is to graduate from college and become an engineer.


As a part of Dream Big Day, upon returning to Mrs. Cervera’s first grade class, Angel had another opportunity. He had the opportunity to draw a picture of his big dream and set a goal.

Angel did that. Angel took the drawing of his big dream home and shared it with his parents. Angel’s parents were delighted to learn Angel aspired to become a rocket engineer. They shared their enthusiasm and Angel’s big dream with a relative. The relative, an employee of SpaceX, affirmed Angel’s big dream by rewarding him with a SpaceX t-shirt.

That was cool of Angel’s relative and parents. SpaceX is cool. Empowering and affirming big dreams is cool.


Big dreams are a beautiful thing! Ask Sammy Rabbit. Ask Elon Musk. Ask Angel!

So, will Angel be the next SpaceX superstar engineer? Sammy says:
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