Alana Golden, Education and Outreach Coordinator,
CA Department of Business Oversight

“Dream and do big, one step at a time!” -Sammy Rabbit

It’s a Habit and Sammy Rabbit are delighted to launch our new Dream Big Day website and kickoff Sammy’s Dream Big Experience! We invite you to join us and bring the LEAD IT YOURSELF Sammy Dream Big Day Experience or Sammy Dream Big Family Night Experience to your local school or youth organization.

What is Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience? 

Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience is a strategic, interactive, education experience, almost anyone, any age, anywhere can lead. It’s an opportunity to discuss and discover big dreams as well as some of the money habits and skills required to make big dreams come true! The experience targets kids 5 and up. It consists of FOUR STEPS:

Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience is a strategic, interactive, education experience almost anyone, anywhere can lead. It’s for kids 5 to 10 and consists of the following FOUR STEPS:

(1) STORY TELLING and READ ALOUD ** Sammy’s Big Dream Storybook
** Dream Big Reader-Leader shares their big dream(s)
** Ask kids to share one of their big dream(s)
** Ask kids if graduating from college or trade school is one of their big dreams
** Discuss connection between practicing great money habits and making big dreams come true(3) ACTIVITIES and MUSIC
** Kids
— Create their own Dream Big Statement
— Set one goal
— Listen to and/or sing music from Sammy’s Dream Big Song Collection
— Review Sammy’s 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True(4) INVITATION
** Invite kids to keep learning with FREE activities in Sammy’s Dream Big Resource Center

The purpose of Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience is fourfold:

(1) Inspire and empower kids to dream big and in the process build their confidence and esteem
(2) Teach kids great money (and reading) habits early so they become self reliant
(3) Discuss the importance of college, college saving and being a life-long learner
(4) Make it easy and fun for anyone, any age, anywhere to participate in the experience and empower children-families!

Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experiences are vital to children-families and their futures because:

(1) Adult money habits form by age 7 – see Cambridge research

(2) The Dangerous State of Americans’ Savings – see NY Times

(3) A 30 million word gap exists between children raised in low and high income homes – see Rice research

(4) Messages are systematically and relentlessly being poured into kids heads and hearts that are toxic to their dreams and futures – see New York Times

(5) Music enhances learning? – see Hopkins research

(6) Children begin learning in the womb – see Penn State research

(7) Reading aloud to children is important from infancy through high school – see NAEYC report

(8) Teach them to dream big – see Maynard Webb, Chairman Yahoo, Founder Webb Family Foundation

(9) Dreams are the Fuel of Your Future- see Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Entertainment, Owner Warriors, Dodgers, etc.