Walnut ES

“It’s a Habit” is pleased to share Walnut Elementary School in Baldwin Park, California will host a Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Day Experience on Monday, March 2, 2015.

The purpose of the experience is to teach students to:

1. dream big, including graduating and saving for college
2. set goals
3. to develop great money and reading habits.

These skills and habits will help students build confidence and better prepare them to make big dreams come true, like going to college.

Every student in the school will receive a complimentary copy of children’s author Sam X Renick’s second storybook, Sammy’s Big Dream!

Walnut is a Title 1, K to 5 elementary school, in the Baldwin Park Unified School District (USD). It educates over 600 students and is led by school principal, Christine Heinrichs.

To discover more about the Walnut Elementary School Eagles, visit its website.