Great habits give all kids a better future

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
-Vince Lombardi!

Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True! Step 1 – Dream Big!
Big dreams may or may not be attainable. But if we plan and prepare to achieve them, we may accomplish results beyond our wildest dreams and live with purpose and passion.

Teach children to dream big early! It is vital to their future. Who says so? Yahoo Chairman of the Board, Maynard Webb. Mandalay Entertainment Chairman Peter Guber. Sammy Rabbit and many others!

Yahoo Chairman of the Board, Maynard Webb writes in his Wall Street Journal Accelerators column “teach them (children) to dream big!” Why? It builds children’s confidence and sends them a message they can achieve anything with the right habits.

Mandalay Entertainment CEO, Dodgers and Warriors owner, Peter Guber writes, some of the best advice he has ever received is that “dreams are the fuel of your future!

Sammy Rabbit agrees. Sammy Rabbit believes big dreams possess the power to inspire and shape behavior. That includes learning to save money and establishing great money habits. It is astonishing what people, including kids, can and will do to achieve dreams. It is amazing the effort they will give. It can be surprising the gratification they will delay. It can be informative the sacrifices they will make. That is why dreaming big is the first of twelve steps in Sammy’s recipe for making big dreams come true!

What are your big dreams? What are your children and grandchildren’s big dreams? We invite you to join and share Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience with children from your community. Let’s put consistent energy into inspiring kids dreams and confidence. It can be as simple as reading them a storybook or having a conversation with them about your big dreams and their big dreams!

Discover all of Sammy’s 12 Steps for making big dreams come true in Sammy’s Dream Big Resource Center!

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