Leslie Girone, one of Philadelphia’s most passionate financial educators and founder of the financial wellness program Money Smart 101, teamed up with Philadelphia “Y Achievers” program to offer middle school students a workshop on money management on January 8th and 22nd.

As a trial test, Girone incorporated music elements from Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience into the presentation for youth. Despite some of the songs being geared towards younger kids, Girone discovered the catchy tunes grabbed the older kids attention. “The students immediately began singing along from every dollar save a dime! Even the teachers in the room were inspired with the messages. The music increased student interaction and interest in the workshop. It also added to everyones enjoyment.”

Leslie and Money Smart 101 will be bringing Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience to younger children at the Free Library of Philadelphia. The date is to be announced.

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UPDATE: Leslie Girone Leads Dream Big Day Experience in Philadelphia May 13th and 15th!

Join Leslie! Inspire kids to Dream Big!

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