Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Campaign to End Financial Illiteracy!

“Reading is not mandatory. But it is essential to leadership.” -Sammy Rabbit

Vision, Mission, Purpose

  • Vision: Empower kids early. Do it globally. Do it for generations to come.
  • Mission: Provide Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits to 100K, K-3 classrooms by 2020. 
    • This will give 1M+ children, ages 5 to 10, Sammy Rabbit “Dream Big” Experiences,
    • It will do it when it matters mostearly in the learning cycle!
  • Purpose:
    • Aggressively and relentlessly attack early age financial illiteracy at the point of greatest impact!
    • Inspire and empower kids to dream big.
    • Teach kids great money habits early! 
    • Earn funds to build the Dream Big Club featuring Sammy Rabbit!
      • This will give kids a safe and fun place to learn year round about big dreams and great money habits
      • The Club puts a Schoolhouse Rock and technology twist to Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club!
      • See Club plans and campaign!

Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits | 100K K-3 classrooms | 1M+ children | 2020


SPONSOR NOW OR Learn More Below!

  • For $10 + S&H classrooms receive a basic Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Experience KIT!
  • A KIT consists of the following 4 items:
  • OR, let’s talk and structure a collaboration to your specifications, priorities, and DREAM MAKING abilities!


  • Talking to and teaching kids about money and delayed gratification early and effectively is not easy, yet it is critical to children’s hopes, dreams and futures.

We Have the Cure!

  • What is the cure to financial literacy? In one word, “effort!” Let’s not be unrealistic! There are no “silver bullets” or “magic cures” for financial illiteracy. There is only effort. Effort comes in the form of classes, conversations, calculations, presentations, activities, exercises, repetition, and persuasively sharing with children that saving money for their education is better than buying flaming hot cheetos! Can you do it? Are you up to it? YES! YES! Let Sammy help! He makes it fun and easy – for everyone!

Strong Solution to Early Age Financial Illiteracy Exists

  • Sammy Rabbit has effectively taught kids about great money habits early for 15 years
  • If there is ONE THING Sammy does better than Warren Buffett when it comes to personal finance, it is talk to and teach kids great money habits early. If there is a SECOND THING, it is teaching and making it easy for others to do the same!

My All Time Favorite Quote About Our Efforts

  • “Renick (co-creator of Sammy Rabbit) can whip a gym full of elementary school kids into a frenzy of enthusiasm for saving money…” -Janet Bodnar, Editor, Kiplinger

Back Story

  • Since 2001, we have poured everything we have into creating a strong solution to end financial illiteracy early – heads, hearts, hugs, handshakes, high fives, money, bunny tail shakes…
  • We have served and supported military families, schools, the Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, libraries, PTAs, high school and college students, financial service – reading – community – government organizations, non-profits, foundations and universities.
  • We did it staring into the face of a global tragedy, 9.11, and grew it through the worst economy since the great depression on less than a half a shoe string budget. We are “all in!”
  • The prototypes for our strongest solution and strategy have been built and tested. They work. They’re easy to use and understand… by almost anyone, anywhere. They’re inexpensive. They can be replicated. They can grow. They include music, reading, writing, math, science, technology, dance, and more.


  • There are 330+ million kids’ around the world ages 5 to 10 PLUS those vested in them.
  • Who will get the solution to these kids-families-schools-communities?
  • We can’t…alone. But…together…WE CAN!

Ways You Can Support the Campaign

  1. All options are on the table: Sponsor, Equity, Licensing, Rights, Advertising
  2. Publicize campaign to: Employees, customers, schools, communities, etc.
  3. Use campaign to fund raise: Share the campaign and revenues with your cause

Everyone Can Contribute!

  • Contribute with a CLICK. Share the campaign.
  • Sponsor 1 or more classroom libraries with a BASIC Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Experience KIT: $10 plus S&H per KIT
  • OR, let’s talk and structure a collaboration to your specifications, priorities, and DREAM MAKING abilities!


Reasons to Support Campaign

  • Address early age financial literacy. Inspire-protect-empower kids to dream big. Teach kids great money habits early!
  • Enrich legacy | PR | Make friends, develop connections-leads
  • Competitive advantage
  • Value | Cost effectiveness
  • CRA (Financial Services)
  • Revenue sharing
  • Sammy Rabbit is super for kids-families. He imparts knowledge-joy-happiness!

Plan to Execute Campaign

  • Collaborate. Invite individuals and organizations to sponsor 100,000 elementary school classroom libraries with BASIC Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Experience “KITS” (ie. Early age financial education resources).

About Sammy Rabbit

  • Sammy is a rabbit with great money habits and big dreams. He also loves to read, sing and dance!
  • He is a year round messaging vehicle and friend making machine
  • His favorite messages and teachings:
    • “Saving is a great habit!”
    • “Dream and do big, one step at a time!”
    • “You can do it, now get to it!”

Sammy Rabbit Dream Big “EXPERIENCES”

  • A basic EXPERIENCE consist of the following:
    • Reading | Read a-louds of Sammy’s Big Dream storybook
    • Discussion
      • Discuss big dreams related to college (education) and careers
      • Discuss the importance of making saving money a habit and how doing so can help make big dreams come true
    • Activities
      • Complete Dream Big Statement and Goal Sheet
      • Complete Dream Big Pledge
    • OPTIONAL: Songs & Sing a-longs
      • Read lyrics and sing the song Get in the Habit (below)
      • Discuss song
      • Play Dream Big Song CD during activities
    • Dream Big Experience testing and prototypes complete

WHY Big Dreams Are Vital to Financial Literacy!

  • Big dreams answer the WHY? Why save money? Why delay gratification?
  • Big dreams have the power to provide purpose and shape behavior

Did You Know

  • Adult money habits form prior to age 7? See University of Cambridge Study
  • Most of the few financial education programs that exist, don’t begin to address kids until high school? That is almost 6 years after their financial habits and attitudes are formed!
  • Many parents and teens failed a 3 question financial literacy test?
  • TEST Sammy’s signature song below with a child. In less than three minutes you will understand why Sammy is a strong solution and strategy to end financial illiteracy!



Important Questions

  • Do you regret or despair someone not talking to you about great money habits as a child?
  • What do you show and tell kids about money in their early years – birth to age 7?
  • When does money education start? Where does it start? Does it begin with conversations about dreams of going to Disneyland or dreams about visiting a college campus and getting an education?
  • When and where is it repetitively and systematically reinforced, especially for young children?
  • Who are your money influences? Who are your children and students money influences?
  • How many strategies do you have to teach and reinforce with children your single most important money principle?

Six Words You Must Know and Master, IF, You Are Going to Teach a Group of Young Children

  • Everyone, repeat and follow after me!