Nobel Prize Winner Don’t Stop Dreaming and Doing!


Novel prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has rescued more than 80,000 children from bonded labor according to Luis Gallardo’s article titled: Dream big and achieve more: Lessons from a Nobel Peace Prize winner!

So what did Kailash Satyarthi do after receiving the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize? He immediately returned to his mission to end child slavery.

Here are some of Kalish’s main lessons as reported by Luis on working hard and reaching higher.

  1. Don’t stop at success, keep dreaming
  2. Create the future you want
  3. Make it personal
  4. Do the grunt work
  5. Every successful journey must include rest!

Thank you Luis – Great article and insights! Thank you Kailash  – Super duper, inspirational and Sammyriffic work!