Dream University founder, Marcia Weider says “dream big” “dream bold” in her recent Huffington Post column. The only thing Sammy Rabbit would add to that sentiment is – teach kids to do it early and in the process teach them great money habits and reading habits to help make those big dreams come true!


The article pumped me up! That is something even talk of big dreams can do. I loved the following statement:

There are some dreams that are so big that they may not be accomplished in your lifetime, but you can take steps to move toward achieving those dreams and create a legacy for future generations to do the same.

That is one of Sammy’s Dream Big Day mantra’s: Dream and do big, one step at a time!

I encourage everyone to read the column. That is another Sammy saying – Reading is a GREAT HABIT! While you are it, also check out our two blogs:

1. Reading mandatory to leading
2. Are you a reading ambassador and role model?

Please let us know if you do or do not agree with our thinking. We would love to have your thoughts. Let us know how we can improve our case and advocacy for developing readers of all ages. We believe that in addition to reading being mandatory to leading it is also extremely advantageous to making big dreams come true! Dream big. Dream bold. Go Marcia Weider!

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