Dream Big Clock – FREE Activity Worksheet

Do you have a big dream? Do you have a big dream? What about your children and students, do they have big dreams? Do you have a strategy, steps, or a philosophy for making big dreams come true? Are they in writing?

One of Sammy Rabbit’s big dreams is to ride the world’s first space coaster – reference the storybook: Sammy’s Big Dream! In order to make this big dream come true Sammy is going to need three hundred dollars.


Where will Sammy get the money? Sammy’s plan and goals are:

(1) Talk to his parents
(2) Use current savings
(3) Earn and save additional money

The clock is ticking. Sammy has one hundred days to reach his goal. Will Sammy reach his goal and make his big dream come true? Will your children and students reach their goals and achieve their big dreams? Let’s do all we can to make sure they do!


ATTENTION: Sammy’s Dream Big Club Campaign is on! Support it! TY

  • The Objectives:  (1) Address financial literacy early (2) Inspire kids to dream big (aim high)
  • Mission 1: Place 100,000 Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits in elementary classrooms by 2020

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