Christmas and the Holidays are Here!

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Sammy and Santa’s Advice (Long)
(c) 2013 It’s a Habit

Sammy and Santa’s Advice, written by Sam X Renick, celebrates the Christmas, the holiday season, and the benefits of planning ahead. It is Sammy Rabbit song 27 0f 100 on great money habits. You will find the lyrics below.

Verse 1
Do the holiday season right
Do the holiday season right
Have bells that jingle and ring
Be a voice that’s merry and sings
Go light up lights and light up lives
Oh make them shine so bright

In all the places you go
Be sure to bring lots of ho, ho, ho
That’s Sammy and Santa’s advice
That’s Sammy and Santa’s advice

Verse 2
Have a plan and have a list
Be precise and check them twice
Home made jams and hand knit gloves
Made with lots and lots of love
Good gifts don’t have to be store bought
They don’t have to cost a lot


Verse 3
It’s good to give, it’s smart to share
It’s good to receive, it’s smart to believe
Now getting toys is nice
But giving joy’s worth twice the price
Create warm and loving memories
Spend time with friends and family


Verse 4
Be merry, CHECK
Light up lights, CHECK
Light up lives, CHECK
Make a plan and have a list, CHECK
Give joy and be thoughtful, CHECK
Be thankful and grateful, CHECK
Spend time with friends and family, CHECK
Bring lots of ho, ho, ho everywhere I go, CHECK
Is that everything Sammy? Santa?
Chorus 2X


ABC News:  Why you should start saving your holiday shopping now Planning ahead can help keep holiday spending out of the red

What is your advice to kids on big dreams and great money habits for the holidays and 2016?

Share  your thinking. We will post it below!

Bill Dwight,, Founder, Financial Educator
“Use the holidays as a way to get in the giving habit! We chose Thanksgiving. It’s the one special time of year we have grandparents, parents, siblings, and cousins all together. Each year, the extended family sits down to make hand-made cards for US military personnel deployed overseas. You can see examples of our cards here and here. It’s a wonderful group exercise that still allows for plenty of personal expression. Holiday traditions are a wonderful mechanism for transforming activities into habits.”

Read more of Bill’s thinking on charitable giving: 6 Tips for Building the Charitable Giving Muscle with Your Kids

Devin D. Thorpe,, Founder, Champion of Social Good
“When your aunt gives you cash for Christmas, invest it don’t spend it!”