Reading inspires big dreams and helps make them come true! Reading can also help develop great money habits. Reading is a habit almost anyone, anywhere can choose. Those are a few reasons why one of Sammy Rabbit’s favorite sayings is “Reading is a great habit!” Below are articles I recommend reading from 2 women who are inspiring big dreams and great money habits with their writing and choices! It is a pleasure to bring their work to your attention. I hope you find their thinking as insightful as I do.

1. Ginny Gilder

Ginny is an author, serial entrepreneur, Olympian and owner of the Seattle Storm. I discovered Ginny through a google news search on dreaming big.  It revealed her Huffington Post article:

If You Dream Big, Define Success Accordingly!

The first few lines struck an immediate chord with me.

“I’m a big believer in the power and importance of dreaming. I’m not talking about fantasies or the stuff that wishes are made of. I’m talking about aspirations that take hold of you and your life and won’t let go. You can’t shake them even if they seem impossible at the beginning, outlandish, or well beyond your reach.”

They made me feel proud of our song “Big ‘Ol Dream” and the lyrics:

It’s knocking at my door, it’s worth shooting for​
This vision I see is tugging at me​
Whispering in my ear forget your fear​
Nothing you perceive is to big to achieve​​

For those serious about dreaming and doing big and/or teaching others to dream big, Ginny’s article is a must read. You will acquire excellent straight to the point insights like:

“Don’t kid yourself about yourself. Be clear about your capacities. In particular: How hard are you willing to work?” 


“Are you willing to make mistakes and to fail?  There’s no way to successfully tackle any challenge in life without failing. The worst part about failing when you’re pursuing a dream is it really hurts.”

If you find value in the aforementioned article, you may also appreciate Ginny’s column titled:

Correcting the Course of Fear!

2. Jodi Morris

Jodi is a CFA, CFP, and Champion for Leadership Development. I am connected with Jodi on Linked In. We both share an interest in leadership, education and empowerment. I saw an article she posted on her profile titled:

“The Last Saturday!”

It peaked my curiosity, so I took a look. Again, the first few lines resonated with me. They reminded me of my childhood. This statistic also grabbed my attention.

Though household chores were standard for most of us during childhood, a recent survey of U.S. adults said that while 82% had regular chores while growing up, only 28% require their own children to do chores.

Jodi found the statistic disheartening. So do I. This can not bode well for kids, their futures or ours. Jodi points out,

While household chores teach personal responsibility, chores that support the entire family (like dishwashing, lawn mowing and laundry) can also support prosocial behaviors like empathy. 

So, what is the connection to the The Last Saturday? It turns out Jodi was visiting Rwanda and while there discovered a practice called UMUGANDA! Umuganda essentially means “coming together in common purpose.” Umuganda is a mandatory day of service for all Rwandans between the ages of 18 and 65. It takes place on The Last Saturday of every month.

Jodi encourages readers to imagine the impact if we practice a form of  Umuganda in the United States. She recommends we start with “small steps!” “Small steps” clicks for Sammy Rabbit. It is a super strategy anyone can take to achieve a big dream or tackle an enormous challenge!


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