The Learning Cove Preschool to Bring Dream Big Day to Palm City, FL.


“It’s a Habit” is proud to announce The Learning Cove Preschool and Infant Care is bringing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience to Palm City, Florida and its online network thanks to owners, educators, and early education entrepreneurs Ed and Jeanee Cwieka!

Ed and Jeanee have a wealth of experience in both the education and business sectors which has strongly influenced their education philosophy. They believe in investing in degreed educators to produce high quality outcomes for students and families. The Learning Cove uses a traditional yet modern preschool learning model as opposed to many others in the field, so that the transition to public and private kindergarten for students is seamless.

The Learning Cove serves families with children 6 weeks to 5 years old. It distinguishes itself by requiring its lead teachers in the 2, 3 and 4 year old classes to have a minimum of a college degree in Early Childhood Education or Education.

The Learning Cove, “It’s a Habit” and Sammy Rabbit share a core common belief – early education is a time of high impact learning. As a part of its visionary leadership position within early education, The Learning Cove is committed to the clients it serves by providing convenient access to strategic Dream Big Day Resources the whole family can use.

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SEE Who and Where the Dream Big Day Experience is being PILOT TESTED

Reading and Resources
S-A-V-E Song Video and Activities
Early Education Entrepreneurs
Actively teach children to get in the habit of saving money
University of Cambridge Study – Adult Money Habits are Set by Age 7

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SEE WHO and Where the Dream Big Day Experience is being PILOT TESTED