Sammy's Big Dream Storybook

Sammy Rabbit and the It’s a Habit Company are pleased to announce they are working with South LA Saves, (an America Saves partner) and Committed to Uplifting Single Parents (C.U.S.P.) to conduct a joint Sammy Dream Big Day and America Saves financial education experience for children and families in south Los Angeles. Everyone is welcome to attend the FREE event to be held at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Community Center Room on February 28, between 10 am and 1:30 pm. Children in attendance will get an opportunity to meet Sammy Rabbit and children’s author and songwriter Sam X Renick. Additionally, children in attendance will receive a complimentary copy of the storybook Sammy’s Big Dream. The character and author are scheduled to appear between 11 am and noon. Please register for the Experience on Event Brite.


About Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience
Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience is a path breaking initiative and campaign to:
(1) Inspire and empower kids to dream big and in the process build their confidence and esteem
(2) Teach kids great money (and reading) habits early so they become self reliant
(3) Discuss the importance of college, college saving and being a life-long learner
(4) Make it easy and fun for anyone, anywhere to participate in the experience and empower children-families!

The Experience consists of at least THREE of the following activities:
(1) Read Aloud (2) Discussion (3) Activities (4) Music (5) Review (6) Pledge!
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About Sammy Rabbit
Sammy Rabbit is a children’s storybook character who encourages kids to develop great habits, especially great money and reading habits.

About Sam X Renick
Sam X Renick is an award winning author, financial educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the It’s a Habit Company, Inc., and co creator of children storybook character, Sammy Rabbit, and creator of Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience. Sam has read to more than a quarter million children in 8 countries and nearly 40 states.

About It’s a Habit
“It’s a Habit” is an award winning Los Angeles based social enterprise that develops resources and strategies to help teens and adults to teach children ages 5 and up great habits, especially money and reading habits. The company’s mantra: We dream. We do. We inspire. We change loves one habit, one mind, and one dime at a time!

About South LA Saves
South LA Saves is a coalition of nonprofit organizations, businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies working to promote saving through information, motivation, and action. We encourage good saving behavior throughout the community by motivating and supporting individuals and families to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. South LA Saves recognizes that there is value in being as inclusive as possible and strive to add value to community, state-wide, and national initiatives that promote good financial behavior.

About Committed to Uplifting Single Parents (C.U.S.P.)
C.U.S.P. (Committed to Uplifting Single Parents) is a nonprofit organization providing a range of social and financial programs for single parent families in the Greater Los Angeles area and its surrounding communities. C.U.S.P.’s goal is to provide a vast selection of resources to both the parent and children including but not limited to life skills programs, seminars, financial planning, personal enrichment opportunities and financial help with the necessities of life.