El Monte Promise Foundation“It’s a Habit” is delighted to share the El Monte Promise Foundation will feature Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience as a part of it Scholar Savings Launch program on March 12, 2015. The Experience will include a special appearance by children’s storybook character Sammy Rabbit and award winning children’s financial education author and songwriter, Sam X Renick. Every student in attendance will receive a copy of Sammy Rabbit’s strategic coloring book “Saving is a Great Habit!” The event celebrates and encourages families to start saving for college.

The El Monte Promise Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps prepare students in El Monte community schools, at an early age, for college.

The Scholars Savings Program is a College Savings Program. Under this program a parent or individual can open a 529 college savings plan for their child or another beneficiary. The El Monte Promise Foundation will help parents or individuals set up a 529 plan online for eligible children. Additionally, once every month and until completion of ninth grade, whenever a deposit (in any amount) is made into the account, the El Monte Promise Foundation will set aside small savings scholarships in the name of the account’s beneficiary.

The Program also teaches practical lessons on money management to children. And it brings financial education to classrooms to provide an environment for children to learn together.

The El Monte City School District serves 18 elementary schools and approximately 10,000 children.

To discover more about the El Monte Promise Foundation and its Scholar Savings Program visit it’s website.