Leslie Girone, Founder, Money Smart 101

“It’s a Habit” is pleased to share Money Smart 101 founder, Leslie Girone is bringing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day experience to Philadelphia!

Money Smart 101 is a financial wellness program. It is aimed at empowering K-12 students with basic money management skills so kids are equipped to become financially independent.

Leslie is the daughter of a loan collector and an accountant. She was fortunate. Her parents taught her basic money management skills throughout her childhood. Those skills paid off when Leslie was laid off twice in a three year period due to a bad economy. In spite of the bad luck, Girone was prepared. She had planned for the unexpected and been saving money consistently. It helped her navigate through the turbulence. Now, she wants to share her passion for financial education and help kids understand the importance of establishing great money habits.

Discover more about Leslie and her mission at Money Smart 101.

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