“…we could work and save together. That might help…” Sammy’s Big Dream

Collaboration creates synergy. Synergy creates COMPOUND impact! ab-SBD-pg19

Rotarian and social entrepreneur Devin D. Thorpe’s latest blog demonstrates the point. Devin is a champion of social good and founder of Your Mark on the World. His latest blog is titled:

You Only Need to Collaborate If You Want to Have Impact

I wholeheartedly recommend you read it. If you do, you will discover how the Rotary and high school members of Interact, a Rotary-sponsored service organization, are collaborating to make big dreams come true in the town of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. It is awe inspiring.

Kudos Rotarians, Interact and Devin D. Thorpe for making “your mark on the world,” inspiring others to do the same, and helping make big dreams come true!

Learn more about and/or connect with social entrepreneur Devin D. Thorpe and how he champions social good at:
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