db-thankyou-mysocialgoodnews-logoSammy Rabbit and “It’s a Habit” would like to offer its gratitude and deepest appreciation to Rotarian Devin D. Thorpe and his website My Social Good News for announcing Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience and bringing it to the attention of its audiences.

The “lead it yourself” Dream Big Day Experience purpose is fourfold:

(1) Inspire and empower kids to dream big and in the process build their confidence and esteem
(2) Teach kids great money (and reading) habits early so they become self reliant
(3) Discuss the importance of college, college saving and being a life-long learner
(4) Make it easy and fun for anyone, any age, anywhere to participate in the experience and empower children-families.

MySocialGoodNews is one of three websites published by the Your Mark on the World Center. The other two are  and YourMarkOnTheWorld.com and GoodCrowd.info.

The Editor for the three sites is Devin Thorpe, who calls himself a champion of social good. Read more about the awe inspiring Devin atDevinThorpe.com.