db-entrepreneur-fbla-kaylabarronSherando High School FBLA President Kayla Barron began her journey as an entrepreneur and small business person in the summer of 2013. It started when a friend asked if Kayla could create a cake for her mom’s wedding. At first, Kayal was nervous, she had only created cakes as a hobby. She wasn’t certain how it might work as a job and under pressure to perform for such a momentous occasion. She swallowed her fear and accepted the challenge. She went right to work teaching herself new techniques so she would be prepared and capable of creating an awesome wedding cake. Her hard work paid off. The cake turned out amazing! A few days later, another family friend asked if she would do her wedding cake.

It wasn’t Kayla’s plan to become a cake entrepreneur or start a business, it just happened. Word spread. And Kayla got busy putting together her plan, name and brand – Cakes by Kayla! She reasoned it was best to keep her name in the title of the business, so she would be easy to recognize throughout her community. She then got busy developing social media accounts. She uses the accounts to post pictures of her tasty and picturesque work. One year later, Kayla is delighted to report she has had success. She’s expanded her product line from wedding cakes to cupcakes. She has a regular job creating monthly “birthday” cupcakes for a doctor’s office, and generally receives a few other cake jobs per month. Kayla can envision her cake business becoming a career. The Virginia high school student plans to continue her education at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the fall. She will study business management.

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