You are invited to join Sammy Rabbit, children’s author Sam X Renick and the El Monte Promise Foundation for the Save for College, Scholars Savings Program launch this Thursday, March 12, 2015, 10 am, at Arceo Park in El Monte.

It promises to be a thrilling education event. Representatives from the White House, County Supervisor Hilda Solis, parents, students, teachers, community leaders, elected officials, funders, 1st graders, and the media will all be in attendance to celebrate the launch of this innovative college savings and financial literacy program.

The Scholars Savings Program is unique. It gives parents an opportunity to become engaged in their children’s pursuit of higher education. It provides an avenue for families to open a 529 college savings account and earn additional scholarship dollars with each monthly deposit. 529 college savings account are administered by the Utah Educational Savings Program (UESP). UESP is one of the best college savings programs in the United States and is open to everyone in the nation. UESP invests in a combination of Vanguard and Dimensional funds, the Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund, and the FDIC-insured accounts held in trust at Sallie Mae Bank and U.S. Bank.

Sammy Rabbit and children’s author, Sam X Renick will kickoff the event sharing portions of their Dream Big Day Experience that include an interactive reading of the storybook Sammy’s Big Dream and a singing of the strategic song Get in the Habit. Thanks to the El Monte Promise Foundation Scholars Savings Program, every student in attendance will receive a copy of Sammy Rabbit’s strategic coloring book titled, “Saving is a great habit!”

BIG THANKS and gratitude to Ed Khashadourian, Founder, Opportunity to Assets, for introducing Team Sammy to this outstanding organization and program. Click, for more details on the El Monte Promise Foundation, Save for College, Scholar Savings Program.