Can Micro Enterprise Out Entrepreneur Warren Buffett?

That is the question, award winning, Los Angeles based micro enterprise “It’s a Habit” and their featured character, Sammy Rabbit are aiming to answer with their latest and most ambitious initiative, The Dream Big Campaign and Club!

“Sammy Rabbit’s mantra is dream and do big, one step at a time,” said Sam X Renick, “It’s a Habit” founder. “Warren Buffett and Genius Brands International’s Secret Millionaires Club are awe inspiring! It is one reason we are emulating and adapting their model. It is Sammyriffic for older kids. However, we think for younger children a head, heart, hug, song and dance approach to finance is more apropos. We believe with Warren Buffett and/or Bill Gates resources behind it, the Dream Big Club could have a bigger impact and influence on kids lives than the Secret Millionaires Club. Why? The target age of the audience. Research like the Cambridge study reveal it is critical to reach kids with messaging on money prior to age 7. What is super is that even if we are wrong regarding the estimated impact, it would still be sensational for families. At the end of the day, that is what is all about.”

This week Renick will receive the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education’s Muriel Siebert’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been the past recipient of the California Jump$tart Coalition’s Leadership Award in Financial Literacy as well as earning and contributing to others garnering numerous other honors.

“What we have done that is important is figured out how to empower anyone to communicate with kids effectively, early, and systematically on great money habits,” shared Renick.

The Dream Big Campaign and Club’s mission and goal: Provide Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits and Club Memberships to 1oo,ooo K-3 classrooms by 2020.

“That will impact more than one million kids not to mention the compound effect it will have on families, educators, and communities,” said Renick. “Our fifteen years in the trenches reading to over a quarter of a million children around the world have taught us a lot about what it takes to be effective working with young children. Our plan is to leverage that knowledge to do what Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb’s foundation advocates, make every dream count! He is another one of our significant sources of inspiration, as are Benjamin Franklin and many others.”

See and learn more about the “It’s a Habit” vision for The Dream Big Campaign and Club featuring Sammy Rabbit at www.thedreambigclub.com