Check out Clare O’Connor’s Forbes article:

Why? It is a fascinating read and resource for parents, educators, coaches and mentors who want to either:


1. Guide kids toward entrepreneurship

2. Teach kids to develop a ferocious work ethic

3. Teach or reinforce with kids the importance of due diligence – doing “their homework!”

Below are the 3 most important lessons I believe parents can teach kids on being entrepreneurs from the $1 billion company Jessica Alba built! Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thinking with us!


“…it’s the details from which great fortunes stem…details and hard work…”
1. Have a purposeful passion for your products!

2. “Go deep!” Thoroughly know your products and business!

3.  Have a ferocious work ethic.

It takes more than an idea and passion to succeed in business. You need to be prepared to compete.

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Check out Sammy Rabbit’s song-video Lemonade Stand! It helps kids develop a great attitude toward work by teaching them “earning money is fun to do!” It also encourages children that earning and saving money for college is a super duper Sammyriffic approved goal!  

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