Teaching kids great money habits early is critical to their future! One of the most crucial and empowering money habits children can form is to save money. On April 16, 2015, that is exactly the lesson Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union Vice President of Marketing Amy Courtwright, taught 1st graders at Green Run Elementary School, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Ms. Courtwright taught the lesson using the children’s storybook “It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!” The storybook and Sammy Rabbit’s main message to readers – saving is a great habit!


Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union is a past Desjardins Youth Financial Education award winner for its excellence and commitment to youth financial literacy.  It offers members, teachers, and community organizations a wide variety of financial education programs and resources that help both children and adults develop great money habits. Some of the programs it offers are: FoolProof, Smart About Money, Spendster, Cash Course, On Your Own, Money as You Learn and My Retirement Paycheck. You can find all these education resources on Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union website.

It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit is a part of the award winning Sammy Rabbit set of resources that include stories, songs, and activities. The strategic resources deliver lessons on great money habits, college and career readiness, reading, writing, etc.


It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit is the 2008 Institute for Financial Literacy Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award Winner for Children’s Money Management.

Other credit unions who have won awards or sponsored programs winning awards using Sammy Rabbit resources are:

Alliant Credit Union, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, Dupont Community Credit Union, Northwest Federal Credit Union, Telesis Credit Union.

Discover more about Sammy Rabbit and his new Dream Big Day financial education and reading campaign at DreamBigDay.net