South LA Saves“It’s a Habit” is proud to work with South LA Saves on its Community Resource Fair to celebrate America Saves Week,” said “It’s a Habit” Founder, Sam X Renick. “We believe it’s critical to reach and teach children early and often on the importance of great money and reading habits. It is at the heart of Sammy Rabbit’s mission and his Dream Big Day Experience. What many adults don’t realize is adult money habits are formed prior to age 7. That’s what research by the University of Cambridge reveals. It makes the mission of organizations like South LA Saves and America Saves essential to the well being of kids and families.”

South LA Saves is a part of the America Saves campaign and coalition of community organizations throughout the United States that seek to motivate, encourage, and support low- to moderate-income households
within their respective communities to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. South LA Saves is a coalition comprised of nonprofit organizations, businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and community activists. South LA Saves and America Saves mantra: Start small. Think big!

America Saves, was created and is managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America.

For more information on South LA Saves and America Saves Week visit their websites.

For more information on South LA Saves Community Resource Fair and Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience go to South LA Saves Facebook page or register at Event Brite.

The Community Resource Fair is being held Saturday, February 28th, 2015.