Lemonade Day is May 3rd, 2015.


Sammy Rabbit says “Champion Lemonade Day!”


Lemonade Day is one of the nation’s outstanding initiatives for young entrepreneurs and families. It is an opportunity to:

1. Teach kids “earning money is fun to do!” That is one of Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps to Making Big Dreams come true. It is the main message cited in ┬áthe lyrics of Sammy’s song titled Lemonade Stand.

2. Teach responsible entrepreneurship, financial education and life skills


3. Mentor, champion and invest in young people and families

4. Inspire and make big dreams come true (See Mikaila Ulmer story)

Mikaila Ulmer, CEO of Bee Sweet Lemonade in Austin, TX

5. Get to know your neighbors and community

6. Give back!

The goal:


The initiative was conceived by Texas entrepreneur Michael Holthouse. The concept came to Michael after having his own lemonade stand and entrepreneurial experience with his daughter.

Lemonade Day started in Houston in 2007 and has expanded to nearly 50 cities around the United States and two countries outside the United States, Canada and South Africa.