Tyler McLaren is more than an athlete, he is a reader! Tyler dreams of writing his own book to help young people discover their big dreams.

I met Tyler online. He responded to an advertisement we have on Internships.com for Sammy Dream Big Entrepreneurs. Tyler is 18 and a freshman at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). He is a devoted cross country runner and the 8k record holder at his college. Tyler likes to strive for success in all aspects of his life including education. Recently he discovered what he wants most is to be successful in his future career as a writer and entrepreneur. He hopes to be an inspiration to others, especially young people.

 After reviewing Tyler’s credentials online, I spoke to him by phone. Three things Tyler shared really inspired and impressed me.
(1) He is becoming an active reader. He mentioned he had just finished reading The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. According to Tyler, that book taught him the “entrepreneurial mind-set” and changed his life completely. He also spoke about how he has begun to invest in his own education, aside from college. Tyler has bought close to 15 books including, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Energy Bus, and How to Sell Anything to Anyone. Tyler’s enthusiasm for reading and investing in books motivated me. It also reminded me of the famous Benjamin Franklin quote:
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!
(2) Tyler wants to help students develop winning mindsets. Tyler has been sharing his recent life-changing and transformational experience born from reading with his friends and family. He has been encouraging them to aim high, dream big, and set goals so they have every opportunity to achieve even more success. He said he loans out nearly every book he reads to help benefit those around him. This is also very Benjamin Franklin like. It is one of the strategies Franklin used to start the American library system. It also reminded me of the global movement to offer free books housed in small containers to local communities, like the Little Free Library in Madison, Wisconsin.
(3) Tyler indicated one of his big dreams was to write a book for college and high school students. The message of the book will center on strategies students can use to discover what they really want to do in life that makes a positive difference in the world and be successful at it. He plans to do this by compiling information from the people he finds most influential in his life. He will also draw on his his own personal experiences as a successful athlete and passionate reader.
Imagine the possibilities and positive impact a team of goal setting, action oriented student athlete readers like Tyler could have on young kids! Go Tyler!