Steve Jobs says “Dream Bigger!” 

DBSG-CD_Sleeve has an excellent piece from Carmine Gallo on the late Steve Jobs titled: How Steve Jobs inspired people to ‘Dream Bigger.’ I strongly encourage reading it. Here is what I learned.

  1. Dreaming bigger encourages us to think and stretch are imagination. It helps us expand our vision.
  2. Questions, as opposed to directions, may be more powerful catalysts for action and the inspiration to dream bigger. For example, former Pepsi CEO, John Sculley, cites a Steve Jobs question to him as key motivation for Sculley joining Apple. Jobs question? “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world?”
  3. When you execute an “emulate and adapt” strategy to create, be sure to look for best practices outside as well as inside the industry or business area you occupy.  The article cites the creation of the Apple Retail Store as a primary example of this thinking. Instead of emulating other electronic stories, Apple used the Ritz Carlton Hotel as a primary influence in its design of Apple Retail Stores.
  4. The “dream bigger” philosophy seems to be catching on. Here are some other evangelists who are sharing the message:

We think teaching children to dream big is a great way to not only inspire kids to achieve more but learn great money habits, like saving, spending smart, budgeting, etc.


The campaign and club’s mission – put 100,000 Dream Big Financial Literacy Kits in Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms by 2020!