Reading is mandatory to leading!

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Margaret Fuller, Journalist, 1800s

I just finished reading a Forbes article titled Why Leaders Must Be Readers. It grabbed my attention immediately for two reasons.

(1) We are working on a Dream Big Day Reader Leader initiative.

(2) A couple of Sammy Rabbit’s favorite sayings are “Reading is a great habit” and “Show your family the way” or in other words lead by example.

Kelsey Meyer, the article’s author, writes, “leaders must be readers.” Intuitively I agree. She states, “reading and learning from peers within, and outside of, your industry enables you to grow as an employee, business owner, and leader in three distinct ways.”

1. Reading reminds you of what you have been taught.
2. Reading challenges you.
3. Reading gives you opportunities to interact with others.

The article inspired me to think of some of my own reasons on why leaders must be readers. Below are four of my reasons.

1. Reading provides access to knowledge including the best thinking throughout recorded history.  For example, one of my favorite books on great money habits is Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth. If Ben were alive, it is unlikely I would have access to him directly. However, through books, dead or alive, I do have access.
2. Reading inspires thinking.
3. Reading sharpens communication skills, oral and written.
4. Reading fuels growth.

I respect and admire leaders who are knowledgeable, who think, who are articulate and who grow.

I invite you to share your thinking. Do leaders need to be readers? Why or why not? What are three or four of your reasons? I also want to challenge you, whether it is with Sammy Rabbit or someone else, read to children. Make it a habit!

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry S. Truman, 33rd U.S. President

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