How do you make big dreams come true? One step is to set Goals! Setting goals is step 2 of 12 in Sammy Rabbit’s recipe for making big dreams come true! Click here to see all 12 steps.


A goal is a specific action a person wants, plans and commits to doing in order to achieve a desired result, quite possibly a dream, a big dream.

Setting goals is a great habit. Setting the right goals, S.M.A.R.T. goals, is helpful in every endeavor. Money management. Health. Reading. Education. Career. For example, one of our favorite youth empowerment and entrepreneur programs – Lemonade Day – asks participants to set goals in five different areas: (1) Spending (2) Saving (3) Sharing (4) Profit (5) Learning.

“SMART” goals are: Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant/Realistic -Time Specific.

Goals focus actions. Goals help us produce results. Hence, it is important for parents and teachers who want their children to produce purposeful results to encourage kids to get in the habit of setting goals.

Here is something perhaps you did not know – our brains may have an internal guidance system for reaching goals? See Forbes article below in section titled References and Resources.

When it comes to teaching children great money habits and goal setting, parents will want to introduce their children to Sammy Rabbit. The Karaoke video below titled GET IN THE HABIT is an excellent example of a Sammy strategy that engages children and is easy for parents and teachers to execute.

Encouragement is a big part of the goal setting process. So be sure to remind kids consistently “they can do it!” They can accomplish their goals. It is one of my favorite lines from the song Get in the Habit – “You can do it, now let’s get to it!” And, it is something the Girl Scouts agree on – see the FIVE ESSENTIAL SKILLS for GIRLS – Skill #1 – Goal Setting. “I know I can do it!”


Parents, educators and trainers will find a wide variety of additional free resources they can use with children in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Resource Center. Check out Sammy’s Song and Activity Book Program. And check out Sammy’s Music and Video Journal Program. These resources will help you teach children to dream big and make those big dreams come true!

If you have tips on teaching kids to set goals, contact us and let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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