4 Reasons Why Big Dreams Are a Beautiful Thing!
Teach and encourage kids to dream big. Dreaming big is a beautiful thing and a great money habit, especially for kids. Why? Here are four reasons.

(1) Big dreams can inspire thought and induce action. They can serve as motivation to develop great money habits, like saving money, earning money, budgeting, etc.

(2) Big dreams can provide focus

(3) Big dreams require planning and perseverance

(4) Big dreams help us discover our capabilities which can build confidence and esteem.

Those are beautiful characteristics and skills that can result from dreaming big. They are also characteristics and skills that can be taught early and have repeat payoffs throughout a lifetime.

So how do you teach kids to dream big? Here are three suggestions. One, have kids develop their own dream big journal. Have them fill it with pictures, writing, quotes, momentos, etc. Two, have them create their own dream big poster they can hang on their wall. Three, have kids create their own personalized dream big savings jar or bank.

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Find more information and FREE resources on the featured lyric video, Big Ol’ Dream, at the following links in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Resource Center:
1. Lyrics
2. Vocabulary building activities
3. Journal activities

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-Mandalay Entertainment CEO, Dodgers & Warriors Owner, Peter Guber’s column: Dreams are the fuel of your future!
Lemonade Day Founder, Michael Holthouse, Ted Talk: Fish, Lemonade and the American Dream

About Sam X Renick
Sam X Renick is an award winning author, financial educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the It’s a Habit Company, Inc., and co creator of children storybook character, Sammy Rabbit. Sam and Sammy travel the world sharing songs and stories on great money and reading habits with kids and families.

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