The goals that inspire American saving habits differ among men and women according to a recent survey by America Saves. America Saves is a national campaign created by the Consumer Federation of America to inspire Americans to develop better saving  habits.


That is a message Sammy Rabbit fully supports and has championed since 2001 with messages like saving money is a great habit.


According to the recently released Saver Survey, women are more motivated to get in the habit of saving money for an emergency fund. And men are more motivated to get in the habit of saving money for retirement.

Either way saving money is a great habit to establish as I have pointed out in several columns and interviews like the one for Nerd Wallet titled, “Learning to Save: It’s a Habit.”


America Saves has more than 70 local chapters in cities across the United States who carry out their mission, like South Los Angeles (LA) Saves. Sammy Rabbit and I had the honor of working with South LA Saves this past February for America Saves Week 2015.


In 2014, we supported Northwoods Saves in Rhinelander Wisconsin with Sammy Rabbit’s strategic Coloring Book titled: Saving is a Great Habit.


In addition to coloring, the book also includes insights on why getting in the habit of saving money pays off and a variety of words and definitions to build kids money vocabulary. As we now know, it is critical to begin teaching children about money much early than the vast majority of financial education experts thought – reference the 2013 University of Cambridge study that revealed adult money habits form prior to age 7.


Parents and teachers seeking free resources to teach children about money should  go to Sammy’s Dream Big Resource Center. It is jam packed with songs, activities, crafts, and a storybook that make it easy and fun to capture kids attention and build their knowledge on personal finance.