Lemonade Stand Stand Dedicated to Lemonade Day 2015.


Sammy Rabbit and “It’s a Habit” are pleased to dedicate the song Lemonade Stand to celebrate Lemonade Day 2015 and the wonderful accomplishments of the Lemonade Day Team.

Lemonade day is one of America’s and the world’s wonderful youth empowerment and financial education initiatives. It focuses on entrepreneurship and life skills.


Lemonade Day provides kids a unique opportunity for a hands on experience at being entrepreneurs. As a part of the experience kids learn to set goals, make plans, and work their plans to achieve their dreams. In the process, kids also learn about getting loans to fund their business, marketing, advertising, budgeting, accounting, revenues, and expenses. Kids also learn about leadership and teamwork.


Those are skills and values Sammy Rabbit believes in and supports. They are skills that make dreams, big dreams, come true.


Does it work? Yes! Ask Yash Semlani (featured above in Cub Scout uniform), and his parents. Yash’s lemonade stand called “Make a Difference One Cup at a Time” raised $5,000 in revenues and $4,500 in profits. Yash used his experience to raise money for a program called “Help Kids Be Kids” at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Or ask ten year old Mikaila Uhlmer.


Mikaila is one of the most recent people to have their business funded on Shark Tank. Shark Daymond John invested in Mikaila’s dream and brand – BeeSweet Lemonade. BeeSweet  is currently being distributed at Whole Foods in Texas. Don’t be surprised if goes global!

Visionary entrepreneur, Michael Holthouse, founded Lemonade Day in 2007.


He started the movement and mission to teach kids to be entrepreneurs in Houston Texas. His first year goal – establish 2,000 lemonade stands in the city on one day. To Michael and the Lemonade Day Team’s delight, over 2,700 lemonade stands were built and over 5,000 children, adults, and mentors participated in the inaugural event. Since then, Lemonade Day fever has spread. People and sponsors get it – the strategy works. We need to collectively provide kids and families as many purposeful educational experiences as early as possible.

This year, Lemonade Day will take place on May 3, in over 50 cities across the United States and  in three countries. You can find Lemonade Day in places like Indianapolis, Boston, Houston, etc.

With the help of partners like Google and many others, Lemonade Day aspires to bring the Lemonade Day experience to over one million children in 100 cities.


Be certain to check the Lemonade Day website and when Lemonade Day will be celebrated in your city. If it isn’t in your city, then get to it and bring it there.

Kudos Michael. Kudos Lemonade Day Teams across America and the world. You are doing an awe inspiring job! Thank you for investing in and empowering children to dream big!

Are you or your organization inspiring and empowering children to dream big? If so, and  you would like to be featured in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Experience blog, contact us!

In the meantime, have a Sammyriffic day!